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2019 Seasonal Agreement



Seasonal camping at Countryside Campground LLC is for your family only.  Seasonal site is rented by one family only.  A family consists of an individual or couple including children under 22 still living at home.  You may let immediate family use your site if you are not there. Grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, and your children over 21. There is no charge for daily or overnight guests as long as you are there and they are staying in your camper. You may put up an extra tent for your kids, who live at home, to use with no extra charge.
If you have an extra family staying with you and you put up a tent or any other type of camping unit they will be charged $25.00 per night for their family regardless of who sleeps in it.  All guests free or not, kids or adults must register upon entering the campground.



All seasonal units must be neat looking and commercially manufactured units. Seasonal trailers being brought in must be less than 10 yrs old or at campground owner/management discretion.  Trailers which are showing age or not properly maintained, will not be allowed in or to renew the site for the following year.  We reserve the right to reject any trailer for any reason.
All decks, storage sheds, screen houses, etc. must have prior approval. Storage sheds must be commercially manufactured unless approved by owners.  No homemade storage boxes.  No permanent screened-in porches or gazebos. Contact us before digging or construction is started. There may be buried electrical wires or water and sewer lines.
You are required to maintain your own lawn, fire pit and empty your trash.  If your lawn is not properly maintained (over8”) we will add $20 to your account each time we need to mow.



The Season rate for 2019 is $1850.00. The 2019 season is October 29, 2018 thru October 20, 2019. A $100 payment is due by September 1, 2018. A $400 payment is due October 15, 2018.  A $500 payment is due January 1, 2019.  The balance is due April 1, 2019. Payments are considered earned, due and owing after the due date.  After the due dates the deposits are non-refundable. The campground will be open from Aril 27, 2019 thru October 20, 2019.
Beginning April 1, 2019 there will be a 10% late fee added for all late payments.  If the balance is not paid in full by May 1, 2019 you will not be permitted to use the property unless arrangements have been set up.  
Site fee includes water, sewer, metered electric and your winter storage for 2018. You will be charged extra for electricity used during the season at .17 KWH plus tax.  Electric meters not working will be charged $50.00.
When using a credit card for Seasonal Site payments there is a 3% convenience fee charge.
If you are not returning the following year you must remove your camping unit by the last day of the season.  We reserve the right to remove your camping unit from your site if you do not pay your deposit for the following year.  If you leave your camping unit on the campground premises and you are not a seasonal the following season you will be charged $100 per month that your camping unit is on premises.  Payments are earned, due and owing at the beginning of each month your camping unit is on the premises.   If your camping unit is removed prior to the end of a given month, you are still required to pay for the full month. 



 RV owner must maintain property, casualty, and liability insurance coverage. Countryside Campground LLC is not responsible for any loss, property damage or injury sustained while on or in your property (RV, deck, golf cart, etc.). All trailers must have current license plate tabs.
No unsightly clutter may be stored around campsite or under camper.
If you leave the electricity on in your trailer during your absence, Countryside Campground LLC is not responsible for food loss or any other damage due to electrical failure.
Golf Carts are permitted.   Must have proof of insurance on file.  Must have head light.  Minors must have a driver’s permit to drive without an adult.  Kids may drive with an adult on the golf cart.  Kids may drive without an adult if permitted by their parents Sundays 1pm-Friday 1 pm (holiday weekends no driving on Sundays). NO golf carts are to be driven between 12 midnight and 8am.  NO off road use of golf carts.  No Driving on sewer systems, lake area or dog park area, could result in revoking driving privileges.
Countryside Campground LLC dumpsters are for garbage generated ONLY while staying on premises.  Disposal fee for: grills $10, TV $25, lawn mower $20 (no gas or oil).
NEW PLEASE RECYCLE you can put Plastic, Glass and Aluminum in the same bags. Keep cardboard separate.  Recycle bins are next to garbage dumpster.
 Dogs and cats must be leashed at all times, even at your campsite, and not left unattended.  When walking pets clean up after them. Especially at dog park.  Make sure kids walking pets know to clean up after them.  Dog litter should be put in plastic bag before putting in trash cans.
Quiet hours 11pm to 8am every night.  No loud music at any time.  Call office ( 320)838-3224 if you have a problem with any disturbances  or Joy cell (320)761-3790 or Jason cell (320)761-1527
No guns or weapons of any kind are allowed on Countryside Campground LLC property.
We suggest you leave a spare key at the office for your camper.
Flush only biodegradable items down toilet.  NO paper towels, napkins, sanitary wipes,

        Baby wipes, cleaning wipes, swifter sheets, etc.  If Countryside Campground LLC needs to

        fix sewer lines outside of your camper, due to your negligence there will be a charge

        of $50 per hour plus materials needed for repair.                                        

Countryside Campground LLC reserves the right to evict or not renew this contract at any time for any seasonal camper that campground management feels endangers the livelihood of residents, Countryside Campground LLC or any part of the campground property or does not follow this contract agreement or campground rules.   

I have read, understand, and agree to the rules of this 2018 Seasonal Agreement.


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